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Сonverting PDF documents back to editable texts for simplification to be used by elementary school children. PDF2TXT is a unique product that allows for FAST and ACCURATE translation of routines, most notably recipes, to permit their simplification by editing to fill in some blanks left by by cooks who expect adults to understand. It has also been useful to allow expansion of routines for teachers and parents when working with children.

John T. Webb, CEO, CIO, Webb Family, Franklin, IN, USA

Very helpful tool to make adaptations and changes to documents that are in PDF format and recreate a new version, change of year or change of updated link for example. We like the product and it is extremely helpful. I call it a BIG TIME SAVER. PDF2TXT fills a void, it is reliable and every company out there, no matter if they are in wholesale or retail, there are always administrative needs that need to be done by the assistant or secretary in an efficient way. I would call it the secret VIP tool of executive assistants to surprise your boss.

Wolfgang Kovacek, CEO, Nextwork, Burbank, CA, USA

I’m using PDF2TXT to get a backup and edit-able copy of my PDF files.

Clark from Pittsburgh

Excellent program when you need to do a batch conversion of PDFs.

Mitchell Kalogridis

PDF to text is a great tool, I like it for it’s simplicity and friendly interface. I’ve downloaded some conversion utilities and those seems to look ugly or costs too much for this kind of tool.


I am consultant and I would like to try out this tool to convert journal entry files into text files so I can read them into ACL or SAS.

Catherine, Salem, OR

I work as CRS. We have bought this software as it can convert pdf to txt format. I was looking for software which can convert 50000 or more pages of pdf file to txt format at once.

Glen, Shawnee Mission, KS

I’m using PDF2TXT for converting documents (for example regulations for cars and planes) from pdf-documents to txt-documents for further use in our company.

Felix, Saint Paul, MN

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  1. craisin1 says:

    As a programmer, I find PDF2Text invaluable for converting VERY complex PDF files that are full of graphics into a “text only” extraction which my programs can then read in an interpret. No other program actually has ever worked for me successfully…This PDF2Text is a GODSEND!!! (and it’s command line use is great for integration into other in-house programs that want to automatically run it)! 🙂

  2. dardesta says:

    Highly recommended software. The technical staff are easy to work with to make this a better product.

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